When you meet someone new, what is the first thing you notice? Online meeting someone is quite different than offline. However, it may be more important if you’re business is an online more than offline venture. Things that you can read about a person when you meet them live, you don’t have to your advantage when meeting them online. The nuances of dress, posture, gestures, eye-contact and such are missing in these online gatherings. Therefore, you are limited by your medium. If you are speaking on the phone, on a webinar, or Skype you have the vocal tones to help. However, if you only have type to convey your personality, it makes things much, much harder.

So, how do you make a reasonably good first impression when you are thus limited? The best way I have found is to think before you type. Once you type your message, read it before hitting send. Sometimes the way you say something could be better stated. At other times it may be that you will find a comma missing that would change the whole meaning of the sentence.

How do you make a good first impression when you are relegated to type only? Do you

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