As a publisher I am often asked what type of marketing I do. Like most publishers these days, we generally make your book available to the bookstores, libraries, and other book sellers through the purchase of book catalog listings and advertising. However, the bulk of the marketing must be done by the author themself.

You, as the author, are best equipped to market your book because you know it best. Besides, who else can sign your book? Surely not the publisher. That is why they call them “Author Book Signings” and not “Publisher Book Signings.”

So, how can you market your book to help you make the most out of your time and effort? Here are just a few creative ways to get the word out and as a result sell more books.

Quote Excerpts

Everyone is using social media today, but what can you do different that will make you and your book stand out? Rather than just posting your book cover and asking for the sale, why not start by quoting from your book and then share with them where you pulled the quote from in your book, by chapter at the very least.

Here’s an example:

“If you are lucky enough to have kids old enough to write ask for their assistance. Begin a marketing campaign with their help. Have them write a short note to your target market inviting them to visit your store. Everybody love kids and their handwritten note could be just the thing to get your potential client or customer to take action.” Excerpt, Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Skills, Abridged. ISBN 978-1-937801-78-6. See Marketing, Ten Summer Marketing Ideas for Your Business, p 167.

Everybody loves graphics! Take advantage of that fact and create graphics that showcases your book…


Even better still, turn it into a graphic! More and more we are seeing sites like Pinterest and Snapchat and even Facebook is getting on the bandwagon with video and graphics. So, why not take advantage of this phenomena and create an eye catching graphic?

Joint Venture Partners

Have you ever experienced a truly memorable dining experience? After you did, what did you do? I bet, like most of us,  you told everyone who would listen how wonderful your experience was? What about a product you used that really worked? Same thing, right? Well, then why not find others who believe in your product, services, or book and offer to talk up their wares when they talk about yours? You don’t even have to split the profits! In this way, they open their list you to and you to them.


Yes, affiliates are a terrific way to take your JV partners one step further. However, who said you can’t be your own affiliate? Sign-up to be an Amazon Affiliate and claim your books and products. Grab the free marketing tools provided by Amazon like their image and link combination and use that instead of the direct to Amazon link. Not only will you earn your regular commission, but the added affiliate commission is yours too!

Character Interview

This is not only fun for you, but for your audience too! Get into one of your characters and have some fun. Write like your character of choice, do interviews as them, tell a secret not shared in your book—maybe something you left out, etc. You can even dress up like your character while doing the writing or interview to help you get into character. Radio hosts, podcasts, blog hosts, and even on social media all love these fun and enticing connections. As Bob Ieva, author of the Joey Toranetti Series would say, “I’m gunna make you an offer you can’t refuse!”

Keep your creative juices flowing and I am sure you will come up with some additional fun ways to market your book. Be sure to share in the comments below.


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